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Fame School Opens For Liverpool Youngsters

Actress Jennifer Ellison has launched her own version of Fame with a new school in Liverpool.

The Jennifer Ellison Fame Academy aims to promote talent in the area and help young performers make it to the top.

She sprayed champagne on photographers during the opening of the school, joking: “This is for all the horrible pictures you’ve taken of me.”

Young performers then put on a show at the launch.

Ellison said: “We’ve worked so hard to get the school up and running. It has been six years of tears and highs and lows, but it is finally here with a bang.

“We intend to stay and we’re not going to be moved. And with talent like this, you can see why.”

The actress hopes Britain’s Got Talent contestant Taylor Fowlis will be among her first success stories. She took the Liverpool singer under her wing after judges left her out of the semi-finals.

She said: “I don’t see the fact that Taylor didn’t make the Britain’s Got Talent final as a disappointment. I’ve got bigger and better things lined up for her. I’d like to get her into the recording studio and try to get her a record deal.

“I want her to work with writers and I’d like her to take the lead. I’m really hungry and I’ve always said I was going to find the next big superstar.“I’ve got a great feeling about Taylor. I’m excited about her. My husband Rob’s niece Charlotte goes to Calderstones School with Taylor. There was already a buzz about her.”

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