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Green-fingered Grannies

Two green-fingered grannies are set to win another award after transforming a neighbourhood alley into a community paradise.

The two women spend two hours every night watering plants in their little oasis in the alleyway at the back of Cecil Street, Wavertree, Liverpool.

Audrey Roberts, 68, and Irene Humphreys, 58, have spent the last four years working on the alleyway, which is for all the community to use. They have added plants and flowers, a play area for children, a pagoda and even some chickens. There are chairs, tables and even solar lights.

They have won awards from the Royal Horticultural Society and Britain in Bloom, and have now been nominated for an It’s Our World award by the Liverpool Echo.

Audrey explained: “It has brought the whole community together. We all sit out at the back together and have a cup of tea. It’s a safe place where people can let their children play, and everyone gets to know each other.”

Irene added: ““We’re out watering the flowers every night. Audrey and I take a watering can each and it can take us two hours. But we love it. It’s very relaxing, and we talk to the neighbours while we’re doing it. Everybody joins in.”

Irene said it started when her grandson was throwing out an old bathtub. She decided to put it in the alleyway and fill it with plants.

She added: “We recycle everything. We make raised beds out of old bathtubs and toilets.
“One of the nicest things is how many people we’ve met through doing this. You get talking to all kinds of people you might never normally meet.”

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