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New butcher’s gamble pays off

In these trying economic times opening a butcher’s shop might not be seen as the best business idea due to the competition from big supermarkets, but The Butcher’s in Dunstable have proved that there is still hope for independent businesses.#

54 year old Dave Wood opened The Butcher’s in the neighbourhood shopping centre off Lowther Road, in Dunstable 18 month ago and has already seen customer numbers and turnover double. In 2011 the shop also won the Best New Business Award at the Rising Stars Bedfordshire and Luton Business Excellence Awards.

Dave said: “It was a calculated gamble after we did the research. People do not love the supermarkets but they love the convenience.”

Dave and his wife Fiona decided that the best way for them to win customers is to offer unrivalled quality and customer service. They have also invested in new equipment and regular re-painting.

Dave became a butcher when he left school and has run the Matthews and Dewhurst butchers in Luton before starting out on his own.

They have dropped off leaflets in the local villages in Markyate and Kensworth hoping that this will encourage business.

The shop concentrates on quality, Dave added: “I hang the meat for 21 days.”

Supermarkets hang the meat for a much shorter time.

Dave admits that the life of a butcher requires long and physical days and he thinks that the hard work might have led to the closure of so many independent butcher’s. However, The Butcher’s success proves that independent businesses still have a fighting chance against the big supermarkets.

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