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Designer makes Corrie wedding dress

Designer Slim Chadwick is the man behind the latest Coronation Street wedding dress.

The designer, from Macclesfield, designed and made the dress for the much anticipated soap wedding between Tracy Barlow and Steve McDonald.

Slim, of Chadwicks & Co on Holmes Chapel Road, was asked to make the creation by Lance Milligan, the programme’s head of costume, after working on outfits for the show in the past.

He said: “Tracy’s is the third dress I have worked on for Coronation Street. Everyone in the north west grows up with Corrie, so it’s an honour.

“I met Kate and Lance and it was agreed that Tracy could go to town with her dress on the basis that she had been left some money by her grandmother, so she could splash out.”

He previously made a dress for character Carla Connor, which had to be designed to hide a real life pregnancy, and a wedding dress for character Becky Granger.

He said of Becky’s dress: “I had to make four identical, and very lavish, dresses because all sorts of things happened to it, including a champagne accident.

“Kate Ford, who plays Tracy, only needed two. It’s simple and elegant, nothing too grand.

“The trick is to get a dress which fits the character but which the actress is comfortable in to do her job. It’s satisfying when you pull that off.”

Slim, who is a father-of-two, said he learnt dressmaking from his mother and aunt.

He works with three seamstresses at his business and has designed for the likes of Victoria Beckham in the past.


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