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Granddad needs a ghost writer

Granddad Sean Mulhern is looking for someone to help turn his dramatic life story into a book.

Sean, 72, has plenty of stories to tell from his work in the ambulance service, as a local magistrate and more, but needs help to turn them into an autobiography for his four grandchildren.

Sean, from Macclesfield, said: “I have reached a point in my life where unless I get these stories down they could be lost forever.

“Because of my disabilities and health issues I am unable to write them down.

“I am hoping to find someone who has the time and skill to turn my stories into something to leave my grandchildren.”

He worked for the Cheshire Ambulance Service for 25 years before his back was broken in a 70mph crash while racing to an emergency call.

His stories from his ambulance service days include being first on the scene to a brutal murder of a woman by her husband, and saving the life of a TV studio boss after an accident with a garden hedge strimmer.

Sean served as a county magistrate from 1984-95. One story from this time is when he was presiding over a trial of a man accused of crashing his car while drunk. The defendant told the court he wasn’t in the country at the time of the offence, not realising that it was Sean who had pulled him from the wreckage.

Before his life in the ambulance service, Sean worked as a waiter at the Bridge Hotel, in Prestbury, where he served famous names such as Manchester United manager Sir Matt Busby.


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