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All the help luccky pups need

A litter of 10 puppies that were struggling to survive have been given all the help they need.

The puppies, who were found cold and starving after their birth on Christmas Day, are being looked after by a string of volunteers in Wishaw.

The puppies were the litter of one-year-old yard dog that was struggling to feed them because there were so many. Because of her outdoor lifestyle, the pups were also struggling to cope with the cold.

A dog walker saw the litter and asked Main Street pet salon Muttz and Moggiez to help.

Owner Elaine Hamilton said: “One of our regular clients rushed in to tell us the story of these wee pups which were the litter of an unspayed bitch who was only a year-old.

“The guy who had them – through no fault of his own – unfortunately just didn’t know how to cope with a litter of so many pups and they were living outside in a wee shed with no cover.

“He allowed us to take them on to give them a better start.”

She said the owner still visits and helps to look after the dogs, along with a list of volunteers. The dogs are living in a room at the back of the shop.

The salon’s joint owner Paul Allan said: “There are a lot of people involved, not just us.

“Three other girls come along to help too and people keep coming in offering to help out. They’ve really captured the town’s hearts.

“We’re just pleased to be giving them the opportunity for a decent start in life.”

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