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Staff question Ed Miliband

Labour leader Ed Miliband was questioned by staff at a new Co-op distribution centre when he dropped in for a visit.

Mr Miliband also showed off his skills on the pool table during his visit to the centre at Newhouse at the beginning of February.

The Labour leader turned up for a guided tour of the site during his tour of the region. He had previously been giving a speech in Glasgow.

He chatted to members of staff and union members as he walked around the centre before taking part in an organised questions and answers session.

Labour MSP Michael McMahon and Airdrie and Shotts MP Pamela Nash also took part in the tour.

Mr Miliband also braved temperatures of minus 30 degrees when he stepped inside the deep freeze facility at the site.

He said at the end of the visit: “Some of the issues I’ve been talking about today: let’s tax the banker’s bonuses, let’s put young people back to work, let’s crack down on the energy companies, the train companies that are ripping people off. These are simple proposals to make people’s lives better. That’s what we’re about.”

He also spoke about Scottish independence, saying: “We have a positive message and we can create a fairer more just Scotland in the United Kingdom. And we’re determined to do it.

“But let’s have the argument, let’s have the discussion. I think when we have the argument about can we create fairness more easily, have more justice, can we help working people within the United Kingdom – or can Scotland do it better on its own?”

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