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Lucky find for Keith as he finds lost shoe

A Newmarket local may have come across the oldest horseshoe in the home of horse racing.

68 year old Keith Swift saw the iron horseshoe in a stream between Newmarket and Exning. He then found out that the horseshoe could date as far back as between the years 1350 and 1500.

Mr Swift, who is a member of Newmarket’s Local History Society said: “I knew it wasn’t a racing plate or modern horseshoe.

“It was embedded in a big lump of clay which had obviously preserved it, having been down in the stream all that time.”

The horseshoe has been examined by experts at the Portable Antiquities Scheme office in Bury St Edmunds.

The horseshoe has been recorded as being 8.52mm thick, measuring 136mm in length, 117mm in width and weighing 345 grams. There are four rectangular nail holes on each branch.

The report by the experts described the horseshoe as “heavily corroded and encrusted iron horseshoe of possible late medieval or post-medieval date.”

Mr Swift is hoping that Newmarket’s National Horseracing Museum will display the artifact and is waiting to hear back from them.

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