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Hairdresser Trains To Help Cancer Sufferers

Hairdresser Sue Helps is being trained to help cancer sufferers in her salon, thanks to the support of local business.

Sue, who lost her mum to breast cancer and battled against the illness herself, wants to set up a special advice service for people who have lost their hair during cancer treatment.

Norwich hairdressing suppliers Matrix and Barkers Wholesalers of Norwich, and the hairdressing department at City College Norwich are so impressed with her idea, they are sponsoring her to take part in a training programme.

The training is run by My New Hair, a charity run by celebrity hairdresser Trevor Sorbie. It provides training for hairdressers about the needs of cancer survivors and their hair during a difficult time. The charity provides advice on wig styling and hair loss and regrowth.

Sue, 45, explained: ““I take pride in my appearance and so when my hair started to fall out in chunks after having just two sessions of chemo, it was soul destroying. Being a hairdresser made my hair loss worse as I was used to showing people how their hair can form part of their identity. I felt as if losing my hair was the end of the world.

“All the way through my treatment, taking care of my appearance helped me find the strength I needed to face the world. It sounds vain, but putting on a bit of makeup and making sure that I looked okay gave me back my confidence.

“I have signed up to take the course so that I can offer this service in my salon this summer. Clients will be able to have a personal one-to-one appointment in a private room with soothing music and complementary herbal teas and coffee, while they get advice from someone who has experienced cancer and hair loss on how to give their hair or wig a makeover.”


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