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University a great place for birds

Thousands of people from all over the world had their eyes on a university building to see peregrine falcon chicks hatch from their eggs.

A webcam at Nottingham Trent University’s Newton Building in the city centre allowed bird enthusiasts around the globe to see the eggs hatch on a live feed.

The pair of peregrine falcons have been nesting at the site for 10 years and the webcam has been set up to allow them to be monitored unobtrusively.

Erin McDaid, Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust’s communication and marketing manager, said: “We’re delighted all four eggs hatched successfully and there are some fascinating things happening in the nest now that the parents have to feed the hungry chicks.”

Wildlife expert Bill Oddie added: “With thousands of people viewing the family each day, the webcam gives people an amazing opportunity to see these wonderful creatures at close quarters.”

Peregrine falcons are a protected species and there are thought to be around 1,402 breeding pairs in the UK.

A tawny owl chick has also been discovered in a nesting box at the university’s Brackenhurst campus.

The chick is thought to be the first to be recorded and ringed in Britain this year – and one of the earliest recorded in the last 40 years. Experts believe the early mild weather could be the reason.

Dr Louise Gentle, wildlife conservation programme leader at Nottingham Trent University, said: “We are delighted with our new arrival, it has been causing quite a stir here at Brackenhurst.

“We created the nest box because there is a lack of natural breeding sites, and are absolutely thrilled that the idea paid off.

“We really hope it is a sign of things to come and that we’ll be able to welcome more tawny owl chicks to the campus in the coming years.”

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