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Rudolf Fund trip saved by Mayor’s charity support

The Rudolf Fund has been saved from closure for at least another year.

The charity which runs trips to Disneyland Paris for children with disabilities has been chosen by new Mayor of Peterborough, City Councillor George Simons, as one of his charities for the year, along with Supporters of Combat Stress.

The money guarantees that the charity will be able to run another trip to Disneyland Paris. The happy news comes just months after the charity announced that they may have to cease operating.

One of the people delighted to hear the news was Louise Collins, who went to Disneyland Paris with the charity and her 4 year old son Sebastian.

Sebastian has a rare genetic metabolic disorder called galactosaemia which could lead to fatal consequences if he consumes dairy lactose, or galactose, found in tomatoes or water melon.

He is also autistic, asthmatic and has sleep and behavioural problems.

His 11 year old brother Jack, who is a registered carer, and dad Ian also went to Disneyland.

Louisa said: “The Rudolf Fund and what it does is so important. The trip changed our lives.

“We made life-long family friends with people and just felt like we weren’t alone.

“There are other people in the world who understand what we are going through.”

Louise and Ian now sit on the committee for the charity and are planning to take part in the Great Eastern Run to raise money for the cause.

The charity is appealing for generous donations as it needs £4,000 more to organise its next trip. Being named as one of the Mayor’s charities has been a significant boost.

The charity secretary, John Fox, said: “We are over the moon we have been selected.

“Being the Mayor’s charity will guarantee us at least one coach for next year’s trip. We are absolutely delighted.

“To be honest, not long ago we were going to close, but our fortunes have turned around.”

Cllr Simons said: “There are hundreds of charities out there and all want your help because it’s a difficult time at the moment.

“But these two both do such important things. The Rudolf Fund does such wonderful work with disabled children. And I don’t think enough is done to look into the mental stress of serving soldiers, which is why I’ve picked Supporters of Combat Stress.”

For more information visit www.rudolf-fund.org.uk


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