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Solo 24-hour rowing challenge completed by fundraiser

A 52 year old father has told of his ordeal battling 10ft waves and terrible weather conditions as he manned a solo rowing boat in order to raise money for charity.

Richard Hudson, spent 24 hours in the water to raise money for the Jeremiah’s Journey charity.

Richard covered around 70 miles and rowed around the Mewstone and along the River Yealm.

He said: “The weather was phenomenal. It was 30 knot winds gusting to 40 and 50 knots force 4 to 5 gusting again to 6 or 7.

“The waves were breaking 10ft around the Mewstone particularly. I’m always so positive it was wet on Thursday and Saturday so really I had the best day of the week on Friday, even though it was very cold and windy.

“At 6am when I left the dock I realised the weather had made it infinitely harder. It’s like any sport, running or walking, the wind dehydrates you and batters you around.”

When conditions were “really bad”, Richard was able to find shelter.

Wolferstans Solicitors in Plymouth are celebrating their 200th anniversary in 2012 and are holding monthly charity fund raising events in the local area.

The law firm aim to raise £2,012 every month. They are raising money for six local charities including Jeremiah’s Journey.

Richard added: “Seeing Wolferstans celebrating their 200th year with the effort and commitment to raise money for six local charities inspired me to offer my help by completing a 24 hour row and raising as much money as possible for Jeremiah’s Journey. It’s a wonderful charity helping bereaved children.

“I had been training for over six months, I’m a bit stiff now and I’ve got lots of blisters but it was great.”

Richard raised an amazing £5,000 for the charity and credits his family and friends for all of their support: “My wife Kathy and children Charlotte and Josh were cheering me on and I received so much support throughout the challenge, it was amazing!”

If you would like to donate to Richard’s fundraising total, go to:

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