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6,500 more NHS dental places since the start the year

6,500 extra NHS dental places have been created in Plymouth since the start of 2012.

It is thought that the surge in extra places is due to graduates of the Peninsula school staying in the city and becoming dentists in Plymouth after qualifying.

The new statistics were discussed in Westminster and Labour MP for Plymouth Moor View Alison Seabeck warned that the price of dental treatment is still a big issue for many families, especially during the current economic hardships.

Ms Seabeck also spoke about the importance of prevention when it comes to oral health services. Regular dental check-ups could help in the detection of a number of diseases, including cancers and diabetes. She also said that just by brushing your teeth regularly you could help avoid costly and uncomfortable dental treatment.

She also said that ion balance fluoridation of water was a “good thing”.

During her speech in the Commons, Ms Seabeck said that the cost of dental treatment was expensive and constantly rising.

“Expenditure on treatment for oral diseases often exceeds that for other diseases, including cancer, heart disease, stroke and dementia, yet the simple fact is that the causes of most oral diseases in the UK are preventable through cost-effective measures that would ultimately save the taxpayer money.

“In Plymouth, we have good months and bad months.

“Since the start of 2012, however, improvements have been made, with an additional 6,500 NHS places coming on stream in our city.

“This is possible in part because the graduate dentists from the dental school are staying in the area – yet another reason why we so wanted a dental school in Plymouth.”

But she added: “There continues to be an issue about the cost of dental care and treatment for many families, particularly in the recession. That cost is still not easily accessible for some families.”

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