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Bristol and Plymouth possibilities for the De Vere Group

The De Vere Group is looking to expand its portfolio with new hotels in Plymouth and Bristol.

The hotel group, which includes De Vere Hotels and De Vere Village Urban Resorts, has announced that they are planning on developing six to eight new properties over the next three years.

The company is looking for new ventures in Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, Durham, Oxford and Plymouth and is in negotiations on sites in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Milton Keynes.

De Vere Village Urban Resorts as recently purchased the leasehold interest of a 3.1-acre site in Portsmouth.

Andrew Coppel, De Vere Group’s chief executive, said: “An important element in our medium term strategy is the growth of the Village Urban Resorts brand in attractive locations across Great Britain.

“This purchase is the first of a number which we plan to implement, both with our own resources and with partners. We have a strong proven brand which we believe, with further expansion, will create significant value over the medium term.”

The De Vere Group recently sold the Royal Bath Hotel in Bournemouth to Britannia Hotels. The company own De Vere Village Urban Resorts hotels in Bournemouth and Swindon.


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