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Rants and raves are needed

City leaders are asking residents to rant and rave about Portsmouth so they can make it a better place to live.

The Rant or Rave Campaign has been launched by Portsmouth City Council in an aim to encourage members of the public to share their thoughts about the region.

People are urged to say what winds them up or what they think makes Portsmouth better than other cities. The council is looking for opinions on areas such as water, waste, parks and parking.

Rant or Rave cards are being made available across the city along with Rant or Rave boxes for people to post their comments in. There is also a freepost address on the card.

James Sandy, communities engagement manager at the council, said: “We are keen to hear your Rants and Raves. Everyone feels strongly about what they like or dislike about the city.

“This event aims to get your views on how to make Portsmouth a better place, how to help make your opinions heard and explores some of the processes involved in bringing about change in the local area.

“We’re using this first Rant or Rave event to help find out what residents think, provide information about local services and link people to community groups on the ground. Come along and tell us your views, we’d love to see you there!”

The campaign also aims to give residents advice on how to start up an action group, run a petition, join a forum, contact their councillor and more.


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