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Town celebrates Royals promotion

Football fans are on cloud nine after Reading Football Club was promoted to the Premier League after four years away.

A 1-0 win against Nottingham Forest secured the team’s promotion and has led to celebrations all over the town.

Manager Brian McDermott said: “It feels unreal, like I’m looking down on a different bloke managing Reading!

“I just think of the resolve and the character that the players and staff have shown. The bond the team have got between them, when you win something as one, you are friends for life. That’s the case in our dressing room and it’s so important to me.

“We are in the Premier League now, we are promoted, and I can celebrate for the next couple of months.”

Loyal fan James Christmas said: “The adrenaline from promotion and winning the title is still coursing through not just mine but many a Royals fans’ veins, and this is an achievement that can’t be underestimated.

“While there have been some high-profile big-spenders in this season’s Championship, and some teams showing great form, Reading have slipped through under the radar and come out on top, something we of course threatened to do in the last two seasons, but this year has felt like a culmination of all those years of work.”

A spokesperson for Reading Borough Council said: “We would like to offer our huge congratulations to Brian McDermott, the team and everyone involved at the club – including the loyal fans themselves – for what is a magnificent achievement.

“When they were relegated back in 2008 the feeling was always that the football club would be back in the Premiership sooner rather than later and with their magnificent run of form this promotion is fully merited.”


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