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Town becomes a giant art gallery

Rotherham town centre has been turned into a permanent giant art gallery featuring work by Monet, Da Vinci, and Van Gogh as well as local artists and schoolchildren.

Around 60 pieces of work have been recreated into giant versions and installed across the town to create the outdoor exhibition Gallery Town.

The art is being displayed on shops, well-known buildings such as Rotherham Market, the Eastwood Building and Pop nightclub, and on key locations such as College Lane, alongside the B&M store and the walkway from Corporation Street through to the town centre Tesco.

Local company Rainforest Graphics reproduced the work of Rotherham students, local artists and some of the world’s greatest painters for the project, which aims to make the town a more attractive place to visit.

Members of the public will be consulted to find out what pieces of artwork local people would like to see reproduced when the display is reviewed and updated in spring 2012.

The project was created by a group of local entrepreneurs working alongside the Rotherham LSP (Local Strategic Partnership) Board.

Nick Cragg, a member of the Rotherham LSP Board, said: “You only need to look at places like Bilbao in Spain or Liverpool, where art and culture has helped to regenerate whole cities and really put these places on the map with visitors and shoppers.

“The beauty of this exhibition is that it’s not elitist art – it’s art from all over Rotherham as well as from across the world and it’s here for the foreseeable future to be enjoyed by everyone.”

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