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Jobs created at 100-bed Premier Inn hotel

Plans for a £7 million Stoke on Trent hotel complex could create more than 50 jobs.

The proposed 100-bedroom hotel and restaurant development in Hanley has been put forward by hotel-chain Premier Inn who wants to build a four-storey hotel built alongside a 190-cover Brewers Fayre restaurant.

Parent company of the hotel, Whitbread, is hoping that the scheme will boost the local economy.

Acquisition manager at Whitbread Hotels and Restaurants, Nick Johnston, said: “Hanley has always been a target town for Whitbread. We have had a keen requirement over the years and have finally managed to find a vacant site.

“We hope the development will bring jobs into the area and boost the economy as well as playing a part in the regeneration of the area.”

The plans have been welcomed by many local traders and shoppers.

Jill Lawton, landlady at the Unicorn Inn said: “If it brings people back up to the town then that is great. We have the theatres in Hanley and having a hotel closer to them would be better because there isn’t many places for visitors to stay. And not only that but it will benefit other businesses too.”

30 year old chef Simon Coggan said: “With all of the plans for Hanley over the next few years, a new hotel would fit in nicely. I think it would make Hanley feel more like a proper city centre which people would actually visit.”

However, Lee McMain who runs The Gold Chain company thinks that more needs to be done: “It is alright building a new hotel, but who is going to stay there? Hanley is dying. Nobody comes into the city because they have no reason to.

“They need to concentrate on a new road layout and free parking before a new hotel is built.”

The plans for the development are still in the early stages, but once a planning application has been submitted Stoke-on-Trent City Council will make a decision.

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