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Pupils meet aviation artist

Churchfields Academy students were welcomed into acclaimed artist David Bent’s studio as part of a series of events that are being held to celebrate his aviation art.

The renowned artist will be the subject of a year-long retrospective at the RAF Museum, in London, which will be entitled Fresh Air.

David said: “The year nine children visited me as part of an education programme I am building up around my exhibition at the museum.

“We are encouraging young people to explore the subject of aviation using my work as a catalyst.”

The budding artists took part in a workshop and were able to talk to the celebrated artist about his creations.

“It was the first time this group has had a session with me and it was two-way process which allowed me to find out about the subjects they are interested in,” he said.

“I will visit them in a month or so and I am arranging for them to come up to the RAF museum, where they will have a chance to speak to one of the pilots we have built up a relationship with.”

Support worker at Churchfields Academy Jim Robbins, said that he was excited that the school were having the chance to work with such a talented figure.

“We are delighted to be part of this,” he said.

“As a school it is really important to get involved with artists and other professionals working in the community.

“They can provide a lot of inspiration and it’s really exciting to be part of a project like this.”

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