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Twins star in West End together

Twins Chloe and Kaitlyn Hill share most things in their life and now they are sharing the West End stage in Billy Elliot.

11 year old Chloe will be starring as Sharon Percy from the 18th May and will be joining Kaitlyn who has been in the production since last year.

Chloe missed out on a place last autumn due to an ankle injury and is over the moon to finally get her time in the spotlight at the Victoria Palace Theatre.

“I am nervous but I’m really excited. I was shocked when I found out because it is just such an amazing part,” she said.

“I have performed quite a lot but nothing in a theatre as big as that.

“I have wanted to be a dancer since I can remember. I just love the fact I get to perform in front of people and have fun and know it makes other people smile, too.”

The twins attend the Tanwood School of Dance and Performing Arts, in Swindon. Last year Kaitlyn won the role of Angela Dobson in the musical based on the successful film.

Chloe said: “I was so pleased for her because it is an amazing achievement. I was a bit gutted because I really wanted to do it, but I knew there was next time.

“I have seen Kaitlyn perform four times, she’s amazing.”

Chloe said: “Sharon is really fun to play because she is a bit big headed and she can be a bit stupid. I get to push people around and it’s really funny. I am a big fan of Billy Elliott.”

“My favourite number in the show is Solidarity because I get to work with the adult cast and it’s fun with all the props. We get to do a mixture of things in the production. There is quite a lot of ballet and we do modern and tap as well.”

Chloe and Kaitlyn’s mother, Debbie, said: “Chloe was so devastated when she didn’t get it last year but she has been so grown up about it. She has watched her sister live the dream for the past six months. She has got through hundreds of girls to get the part.

“I am proud of them both, they work very hard to get all their school work done as well.”

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