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Taunton’s pride as ex-marine wins book award

Taunton’s pride as ex-marine wins book award for personal recollection after enduring life inhibiting disabilities in Afghanistan.

Ex-marine Mark Ormrod of Taunton has received an award from the Royal Marines Historical Society for his outstanding recollection of his first-hand experience when serving in Afghanistan, bringing the work our soldiers do in the Middle East to life.

Mr Ormrod, of 40 Commando, Taunton, lost both legs and an arm after stepping on a landmine in Helmand Province on Christmas Eve in 2007. Originally he was told by specialists that he may never be able to walk again. However he has proved everyone wrong showing that with prosthetic limbs he can do just about anything.

His book, Man Down, provides a personal account of his time serving with our troops out in Afghanistan.

“This is something that I was thinking of doing before I was injured. Then after I was injured, it just gave me a lot more stuff to talk about.”

“Writing about my experiences, and the traumatic events that I’ve been through, was a great way of helping me come to terms with stuff.”

Since being established in 1964, The Royal Marines Historical Society aims to preserve the history and traditions associated with the organisation.

“The award was actually from 2009 but when I was originally supposed to accept it I was in a charity event running across America.”

Mr Ormrod, who trained with Prince Harry in preparation for Afghanistan, is now working as the welfare officer for the Royal Marines Association and said that receiving the award was a “huge honour”.

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