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Barbara Windsor tells women to take care of their bust

After making a name for herself in iconic roles in the Carry On films and Eastenders, Barbara Windsor is using her notoriety for good and is urging women to take care of their busts.

Windsor is known for her most famous asset that got pulses racing in the Carry On films, but the actress wants to highlight the important of screenings and checks that can help catch and treat the cancer in its early stages.

The national treasure opened Ealing Hospital’s new screening unit and was impressed by the new technology and equipment that can spot the signs of breast cancer earlier.

Windsor’s character Peggy Mitchell in Eastenders was diagnosed with breast cancer, and even though she has now left the soap, Windsor still wants to do her bit to raise awareness.

She said: “People shouldn’t be scared of what they don’t know about their health. This unit has the latest equipment, screening can be done in minutes and it’s digital. NHS hospitals are the best in the world.”

Medical staff are hoping that the new state of the art equipment will encourage women to come for screenings.

Every year between 25 and 30 women in Ealing die of breast cancer but the area has a very low level of screenings. All women between 50 and 70 are encouraged to go for a screening once every three years.

Breast screening saves around 1,400 lives a year but the NHS could save even more if more women came for regular screenings.

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