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Britains Got Talent appearance by Keziah, 11

A talented 11 year old, who has written and recorded her own album, is hoping to gain popularity and fame by appearing on Britain’s Got Talent.

Keziah Spaine has impressed judges in many different singing competitions by showcasing songs from her album; Miss Me. Keziah is now waiting to hear if she has got through to the next stage of the BGT competition.

Her first performance for BGT was at the ExCel Centre at London’s Docklands.

She said: “Before the audition it was scary, but when I started singing it was okay and I enjoyed it. I sang a song called Mrs Me, which they said was very original and showed a lot about me.”

The song is about being tolerant of others and happy with yourself and is one of 12 songs on her album. The genres on her album include rock, pop, reggae and soul.

The album was produced by her father Peter Maurice and his friend, music industry professional Paul Martin.

Keziah added: “I started writing my own songs when I was about seven. It’s really exciting to have my own album. I wanted to get them published so more people could have a chance to listen to them and enjoy them. I want to become a singer one day. I’ve always wanted that.”

Her father Peter thinks that she has a good chance of making it through to appearing in front of the celebrity judges including Simon Cowell and David Walliams.

Mr Maurice said: “The feedback we’ve been getting all along has been really positive. One of the judges in the Britain’s Got Talent auditions said they get a lot of little girls singing cover songs. But when one comes up with a song from scratch and the music to go with it, what more can he ask for?”


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