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College is a ‘good place to go’

York College has been named as a good place for disabled people to go.

The college is one of only a handful of venues in the city to be given the Good Place to Come Award by The Children’s Society and the City of York Council.

The title recognises the college’s positive attitudes towards disabled young people, its accessibility and its awareness of issues for disabled young people. It also highlights the college’s commitment to anti-bullying.

Young people from The Children’s Society visited the college before making the award.

They said: “Our assessment of York College was an enjoyable experience. We found that the college is specifically adapted to the needs and requirements of young people with disabilities, through the use of specially adapted equipment and trained staff.

“Also, each student has a progress tutor, enabling them to build strong, personal relationships with staff members. All students are encouraged to feel comfortable approaching tutors to report any concerns they have about bullying. We were very impressed with the friendly atmosphere at the college.”

Graeme Murdoch, deputy principal at York College, said he was delighted with the award, adding: “The college works hard to provide a wide range of resources and opportunities for all students.

“The college building is fully accessible and we are fortunate to have a dedicated staff who understand the importance of effect communication and the need to support their students.”

The award was presented by Children‘s Society Project assessor, Laura Brooksbank to members of the York College Students Union Executive, Paige Rushworth and Ali Carter.


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