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2018 – A great year for film

2018 has been an absolutely superb year so far for the film industry.

Every time I have been to the cinema in 2018 I haven’t really been disappointed with the only exception being Red Sparrow – a film that is about Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Lawrence and Jennifer Lawrence.
There were some real thought-provoking tales to enjoy at the start of the year, with Oscar winner The Shape Of Water being chief amongst them. An extremely unusual film about a mute who befriends an advanced water creature (bear with me) it is an amazing tale of love and friendship done in a quirky style that all fits together beautifully.
Any film with Tom Hanks in is usually a winner, which is why The Post was so good. The real-voice interspersions of Richard Nixon make for a chilling film and it was an outstanding look back into the media and politics of the Vietnam War, which changed the history of journalism forever.
The most under-rated film I think I am likely to see is Isle of Dogs. I went into it expecting to see a simple kids’ film. In fact there were a lot more nuances and character development than I was expecting. The animation was sensational, the plot was great and it felt like I was seeing something very different, which is always to be applauded.
Of course, Avengers: Infinity War is probably the best film that is likely to come out this year, and the reaction to its release has been phenomenal. It earned around 640million dollars in its opening weekend, smashing the previous record by over 100million.
For me, it was the Marvel equivalent of Empire Strikes Back. A phenomenal ending, very dark throughout, very humorous in parts, superb acting and wove together to ensure that it wasn’t just a battle for screen time between characters, the writers and all the staff should be rightly proud of what they have achieved with this film.
Black Panther has already wowed fans and provided a pivotal societal moment given the predominantly black cast and crew, something which was needed in the film industry.
The other good films due out this year look fantastic as well.
Solo, a new Mission Impossible, Jurassic World, Deadpool 2, Venom, Ant Man And The Wasp, a new Incredibles, Mary Poppins Returns, Ocean’s 8, Sicario 2 and no doubt many more, it promises to be a stellar year.
Given the proliferation of box sets as well, the movie industry had to up its game. It looks like it has in 2018.

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