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A dull but worthy winner

I was surprised to see the winner of the Design of the Year award going to the new website.

Apparently, I was not the only one; the Independent ran a story expressing how the decision had surprised many, including one of the website’s designers.

The awards are thought of as the “Oscars” of the design world and contenders for the top spot this year included the Shard skyscraper in London, a folding wheel and an anti-diarrhoea pack for poor families in Africa.

Deyan Sudjic, director of the Design Museum organising the awards, said of the site: “It makes life better for millions of people coping with the everyday chores, from getting a new passport, to paying their taxes.

“It’s a reflection of the government understanding how to communicate with the country in a way that works, it’s simple, direct, well mannered, all the things that we would like to take for granted from the government, but in a sea of red tape and jargon, usually can’t.”

The new website has been worked on for the past year and is expected to include all government departments by the end of April. The site will take the place of 2,000 separate websites for all the different government departments and agencies and is set to save millions of pounds.

Of course I had to take a look for myself and it didn’t take me long to see exactly what Deyan Sudjic meant. The site looks very simple and basic, which of course is the point. I had a look around and found it extremely easy to follow, clear and concise.

I was brave enough to head to the tax section and was amazed at how well this complex subject has been broken down, making it very straightforward to get to the information I needed. So, a worthy winner after all.


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