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A-levels are a “mini Christmas” for laptop sellers

Laptop sales swell by more than 50% in the two weeks after A-level results are published as parents get their children ready for university, according to data from PC World and Curries.

The first two weeks in September have become the second busiest time of the year for technology sellers, only pipped to the post by Christmas itself.

Sales of tablets also rise by 41% after A-level envelopes are opened while televisions and other technology also become more popular as students get kitted out for university.

Almost all students arrive at university with their own laptops and students are now far more likely to own their own widescreen TV than their own bicycle. In fact many students arrive at university with a laptop, tablet and widescreen TV as well as the good old mobile phone.

Many conclusions have been drawn about less active or more hedonistic lifestyles but one thing is certain; this new sales boost evidences and reinforces the economic recovery. A 40% rise in pre-university technology sales since 2013 is something that is hard to miss and retailers have cottoned on quickly to the rapidly growing trend, with new deals for generous parents and penniless students.

Now that socialising, reading, revising, listening to music and watching TV join old fashioned working on the list of things students can do on their personal technology, laptops have become undeniable must buys for both student and parent.


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