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A little sunshine is good for the soul

It’s amazing the affect a little sunshine can have on the soul. This week, as temperatures sneak towards the twenties, the spots of sun we have been enjoying have been celebrated with the casting-off of woollens, hanging washing on the line outside and the advent of sunglasses and fake-tan.

With the happy abandonment of winter has also come a sudden lust for summer food. Be-gone stodgy carbs and comfort foods! Our taste-buds are a-tingling for some summer action!

And what better time to embrace the good life than now? As the days inch towards summer the shelves are suddenly being stocked with delicious seasonal food – the best the UK has to offer.

Tuck into spring lamb, asparagus, baby new potatoes and the first strawberries and raspberries of the season. Go native and take up the trend of foraging for your own food – wild garlic grows in abandon in woods across the country and it’s not hard to sniff out a patch. Pick the leaves to incorporate into pastas and salads. Take advantage of the many pick-your-own sites too – where you can choose your own succulent asparagus, strawberries and more for a meagre price. Food always tastes better when you pick it yourself!

And while you are out on your foraging travels, why not seek out another English delight; under cool tree canopies bluebells will be making their first appearance in woodland throughout the country. The carpets of dusky blue flowers are a sight to behold, but you have to be quick as they only last a matter of weeks before disappearing for another year.

All this and more before the summer months dawn upon us – no wonder spring is many people’s favourite time of year!


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