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A totally tropical taste

Coconut water is the biggest thing in soft drinks but what is the secret of its success?  With a taste that’s a little sweet, a little salty, low in calories and high in nutrients, coconut water has been the fastest growing soft drink in the UK since 2010.

The tropical trend began in Rio de Janeiro where it’s been a popular thirst-quencher for many a year. It then became the latest health fad in the US before taking the rest of the world by storm, now gracing the shelves of shops from the UK to China.

Extracted from green, unripe coconuts – once they ripen the water turns into coconut milk – it has been marketed as a healthy, hydrating alternative to sports drinks, ideal for replenishing lost nutrients after a work out.

There’s plenty of evidence suggesting its health benefits are overhyped – it is, after all, 95% water. But celebrities, as always, seem to be the trendsetters and as soon as Rihanna was spotted clutching a carton of coconut milk sales sore.

Competition is hotting up, not just between coconut water brands – Innocent has just launched its version – but from new, even lower cal, alternatives. Maple Tree Water is being hyped as the next big thing – with all of the benefits of coconut water but with half the calories. It’s already hit the health food shop of the States, and expect it to make the leap across the Atlantic very soon.

You could of course help yourself to a glass of cool water from the kitchen tap. Hydrating, zero calories and it won’t cost you a penny!

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