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A tweeting bin, what next?

I have heard of cats, dogs and snakes with Twitter accounts and even inanimate objects such as the Mars Curiosity rover – but the latest takes the biscuit: bins.

Trashcan Life is a Twitter feed from bins supplied with technology from sensor provider Enevo.

The bins tweet regularly with comments like: “Hello, this is container 100416100002243 in Rådal, Norway. I am 22% full.”

Or: “Hello, this is container 102133100013621 in Antwerp, Belgium. Based on my fill-up history, I expect to be full on Thursday, April 13th 2017.”

The bins also tweet about their internal temperature and the strength of their network connection.

Not exactly the most interesting or entertaining feed to read on social media, and so far Trashcan Life only has 224 followers! Come on bins, what about a few rubbish jokes…

The idea behind the system is not to entertain though, its part of ongoing technology aimed at making bin emptying more efficient in cities.

Those taking part include London, Leeds, Wallasey and Douglas in the UK as well as cities throughout Europe, the US and Canada.

Other crazy Twitter accounts I have seen include a vest, a toaster, a park bench and a traffic cone.

I’m not sure I’ve seen one from a toilet yet..maybe I’ll start one myself, after all you can’t beat a bit of toilet humour.


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