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A War Horse Rewarded

Warrior, the resilient and heroic horse that served in the First World War and inspired the movie “War Horse”, has been awarded the highest medal for animal bravery. The story of Warrior has thrilled and inspired people around the world for over half a century culminating in the Spielberg film and finally the award ceremony on September 2nd, 2014.

However the PDSA Dickin Medal awarded to Warrior doesn’t just recognise his own loyal service throughout the war, but also that of all the animals who served in the conflict.

In a statement the People’s Dispensory for Sick Animals (PDSA) said: “Warrior’s story reflects the bravery and sacrifice that millions of animals displayed during The Great War”.

As for Warrior himself, he earned the nickname ‘the horse the Germans couldn’t kill’ by surviving The Battle of the Somme, two torched stables, shells and a stretch stuck in the mud in the middle of no man’s land. Warriors owner, General Seely, wrote a book in 1934 on his horse’s extraordinary bravery, and how it helped him and his steed survive many rides over no man’s land and charges against German machine gun nests.

After the conflict finished Warrior spent his sunset years enjoying some well-earned rest and recuperation back where he was born on the Seely family farm on the Isle of Wight.


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