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Air Conditioning: A Literal Lifesaver

As Brits, we all know that feeling when we step off the plane and walk bleary eyed into the sun.

That wall of heat smacks you in the face and you feel like you’ve been run over by a car.
On one such day after a flight from Sydney to Adelaide, I found myself stepping off the plane and into 43 degree Celsius heat.
It was like walking through a sauna and the immediate thought was to go inside and find some air conditioning to cool down.
Luckily for me, the cool air was pumping round the bar and I was able to enjoy myself a bit more. If it wasn’t for the invention of aircon that day, I would have melted into a human-shaped puddle.
While many Brits feel they need to go abroad to enjoy such temperatures, there is evidence that global warming is bringing a warmer climate to our shores.
The summer of 2018 is a prime example of this extreme heat coming our way. Temperatures regularly soared into the 30s as people scorched watching the World Cup.
But this level of heat can be too much for some, which is why air conditioning is such a lifesaver, especially for vulnerable and older people.
There are a lot of different air conditioning units that you can buy, depending on what best suits your home or business.
Ultimately, you don’t want to feel uncomfortable in your own home. You need a system that suits you and allows you to relax.
Most companies provide a 24-hour service in case of any emergency. They will also come out to survey your property to ensure that the right system is installed to suit you.
No matter how bad the world around us gets, you have to be thankful that air conditioning is there for us when the heat gets too much!

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