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All change for London’s buskers

You used to be ‘like the Queen’ if you didn’t carry any cash around, but nowadays it’s quite common not to have money on you.

We are able to pay for everything via cards – even car parks – so I suppose it is not that surprising to find out that you can now give money to some buskers via contactless technology.

Street musicians and entertainers in London are being provided with card readers that allow them to program in a set amount for appreciative passers-by to donate easily. The scheme has been set up by London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Mr Khan said: “Busking helps emerging artists to hone their talent and gives them the chance to perform in front of huge numbers of people.

“Now, more Londoners will be able to show their support to the capital’s brilliant, talented street performers.”

Buskers are already reporting an increase in their donations as a result of the scheme.

Soon there will be no need for cash at all in our lives – maybe vending machines, school fairs and swimming pool lockers will be the next to go contactless.

Does that mean there will be no coins down the back of my sofa? And how will members of my family pay into the swearing tin? Will that have to have contactless technology as well?

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