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An eye-watering sum of money

The world record transfer fee looks set to not just be broken – it could be smashed to pieces.

Neymar Junior has agreed a five-year deal with Paris Saint Germain, who are going to sign the Brazilian for a staggering £198million.

The figures associated with this transfer are completely baffling, and there is a big chance the move doesn’t happen now as it may contravene financial fair play rules.

Neymar will be earning more than half a million pounds a week after tax, and three-quarters of a million pounds a week before tax.

He will be earning about £51 a minute.

In total, including wages, the transfer fee, bonuses and any other fees, PSG would be shelling out £400million for one player over the next five years.

The previous record transfer was Paul Pogba, who went from Juventus to Manchester United for around £89milion.

The Neymar money completely dwarfs that move, and it is absolutely staggering to think that any person is worth that much money.

There is no doubt that PSG would make a lot of cash on merchandise and shirt sales through the transfer. This will recoup some of the cost to the French club, but how are they ever going to make that money back?

Another pertinent and frightening thought is – what happens if he is injured in his first game? All that money would be completely squandered.

It is a huge risk. However, if Neymar helps the Paris club win the Champions League; it will look like money well spent.

The speed of the transfer has also taken a lot of people by surprise. It was only yesterday that he seemed to want to move, so the fact that it could be done by the end of the week shows the desire for this move to happen.

What Neymar is earning though is not as much as what some sports stars earn.

Lewis Hamilton enjoyed £100million in 2015 thanks to being a Mercedes driver.

So what is everyone talking about? Neymar is an absolute bargain

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