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And the rain just keeps coming…

If you haven’t had a holiday in the sun this year you are no doubt now looking for last-minute getaways to foreign shores as we suffer yet more persistent heavy downpours and flooding here in the UK.

As I write this the country is swamped in rain and weather experts are saying that some areas of the UK will today experience a whole month’s rainfall in just one day.  It seems I have heard that somewhere before this year – and several times at that.  The Met Office has said that up to 100mm, which is almost four inches, of rain could fall by the end of today.  A total of 55 flood warnings have been issued by the Environment Agency in England and there have been 164 less serious flood alerts.  And just to console us, apparently the wet weather is set to persist across the UK until the middle of the week.

I think we are just going to have to get used to wetter weather.  At least the brolly and Wellington companies will be laughing, and there will be endless work for roofers as all those just waiting to spring leaks finally give up the fight against the ever-lashing rain.  I swear I could hear dripping water last night coming through the roof.

Our greatest product is surely rain at the moment.  We should be rich beyond our wildest dreams this year surely.  When I visited Majorca for a holiday in August they hadn’t had any rain for months.  Can we not transport some of ours over there?  Now, there’s an idea.

In the meantime I shall look forward to escaping to the sun again for a few days in October.  I can’t wait.  It seems it’s the only way to get away from the rain.

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