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Angry Birds come from a happy place

If you want to be happy, live in Finland.  According the new World Happiness Report 2018, people in Finland are the happiest.

So what is it about Finland that makes its residents feel so contented? Well, it’s the home of Father Christmas of course – and who doesn’t love Santa Claus! Maybe he makes it feel like Christmas every day in Finland.

The little country is also apparently famous for having the highest concentration of heavy metal bands – not something you would automatically associate with being cheerful!

And of course, Finland is one of the best places from which to view the famous Northern Lights.

According to the official travel guide of Finland, over 70% of the country is forest – now that seems like a good way to make people feel happy.

There are also more than three million saunas in the country – more than one for every other citizen.

The official travel guide also says: “Finland is one of the few countries in the world where lost wallets and mobile phones get returned to their rightful owner. People feel safe walking alone in our city parks or use public transport regardless of the hour.”

People in Finland also drink more coffee per person than anywhere else in the world and new mums get a full year of maternity leave.

Surprisingly though, for the world’s happiest country – the game Angry Birds was created in Finland.

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