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Animal tale gets even stranger

The strangest story I have read for a while is…

…the one about the goat and tiger friendship. First we heard how the goat, now named Timur, had been put into the enclosure of a Tiger called Amur in a Russian zoo – as dinner – only to end up being so assertive that the two became best mates instead.

Now we hear that the two have fallen out – with violent consequences – and have had to be separated.

Not that surprising an end I hear you say – well not until you find out that it was actually the goat that started the violence.

The safari park reported how Timur had begun butting the tiger with his horns, even pushing him down a hill in the enclosure, and standing on him while he was asleep. Eventually, when the Tiger retaliated with a few warning shakes, the zoo staff decided it was time to remove the goat for his own safety.

A strange story as well when you consider that the goat was originally put into the enclosure to be eaten. Now a celebrity, the zoo has been busy finding Timur a new goat mate to live with.

Whilst I am very happy for the goat, I can’t help feeling slightly cynical about the Primorsky Safari Park’s U-turn concerning this plucky animal’s fate.

Russian media has even reported on a musical about the unlikely couple! And there is talk about Timur getting married to his new goat mate!


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