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App helps us offer acts of kindness

Ever been in that awkward position of not knowing whether to offer a woman your seat on a train because you are not sure if she is pregnant or not?  Or have you ever felt really bad because you didn’t notice a pregnant lady was standing while you sat happily in your seat, head in your phone?

A new app has now been invented to try to combat this passenger politeness problem.

The Babee on Board app allows a pregnant passenger to send a Request a Seat notification to any other passengers taking part. Passengers nearby then become aware of the person needing the seat.

All profits made by this invention are being donated to the Project Healthy Children charity.

One user explains: “I’m always busy on my phone when I’m travelling and don’t notice pregnant people until it is too late. I feel awful for making them stand.”

Another user says: “Sometimes the tubes are so busy. I understand people don’t notice I’m pregnant so this app makes it much easier, without announcing it out loud to the whole carriage.”

The app has been created by London based company 10x. Originally it started with a badge that women could wear to show other travellers they were in need of a seat, before the idea was developed into the phone app.

It all sounds like a good idea. Most people don’t offer these type of acts of kindness not because they are mean spirited, but because they feel embarrassed or self-conscious about the risk of causing offence. I know that is what holds me back in these kinds of situations.


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