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Are you a meal for mosquitoes?

We’ve all been there: you go to bed on the first night of your holidays and one of you wakes up looking like Super Ted’s sidekick (Spotty, for those of you who aren’t children of the Eighties). One of you gets off scot-free.

And while it is not news to us that some people are more prone to mosquito bites than others, we have never really known the reason why.

This week Smithsonian Magazine outlined the science behind why some are lucky and some are irresistible to those minute predators.


Particular blood types are tastier than others to mozzies, with research revealing that those with Type O were the most preferred, followed by Type B then Type A.

Carbon dioxide

People who expel more carbon dioxide, so people who simply breathe heavier, attract the little biters to them because mosquitoes find their way to us by detecting it from as far away as 164 ft.


There are other substances found in our bodies which the insects are attracted to. These are released through our sweat and exercise (lactic acid) so people who are more active might find they are victims of bites. Other substances are simply genetic.


While the cause remains a source of puzzlement to scientists, drinking just one small beer can attract mosquitoes to us.


You might think it’s those pesky hormones yet again, but actually mozzies like the taste of expectant mums because they exhale more and their body temperature is increased, another attraction for the pests.


If you wear bold colours, the insects could find you by sight as well as smell.

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