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August. It’s a funny old month.

On paper August is all about the height of summer, warm long days rambling along into one another, sunshine and ice creams, blue skies and smiles.  It’s an expensive month to go on holiday…

…so good is the weather and so easy the livin’.

In reality though, August is really just a bit of a waiting game. Not quite summer, not quite autumn. Creeping darkness in the evenings. School uniform in the shops. Cooler nights and layered clothing. Winter coats displayed on mannequins and – and this always comes earlier than expected – ripe blackberries on brambly hedges.

September brings with it the proper start of autumn. When tights become acceptable again, leaves go orange, conkers ripen and food gets all warm and wholesome.

The change in season blows in a fresh new outlook too. A chance for everyone to enjoy that ‘back to school’ feeling.

It’s a matter of weeks to some of the most festive events in the calendar – Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas. Shivers of anticipation run down the spines of little and big kids alike.

And for some the new month brings real change – new school, new university, new post-degree jobs and big milestones for our children. It’s fresh and exciting and just the right timing after a long summer.

While British summertime can always do with as much sun as possible, it has to be said that by the time September rolls around many of us are glad to be putting our shorts away for another year and pulling on our winter layers. After all, without the changing season, what else would we make small talk about?


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