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Be careful who you are attracting with your smell

Next time you are about to spray yourself with your favourite cologne or perfume, have a think first about where you are going! If you are going anywhere where there might be animals, you might not want to spray too much!

Wildlife officials in India believe tigers may be attracted to the scent of certain colognes because they contain pheromones.

They are planning to use one particular well-known eau de toilette for men to attempt to trap a wild tigress who has killed 13 people near a small town in Maharashtra.

Sunil Limaye, a wildlife official, told the BBC: “We have been told the cologne can work as a good scent bait for the tigress. So we will spray the perfume on the trees and ground and see what happens.”

This is obviously a story with a very serious angle but the idea itself did make me smile a bit. I had images in my head of a person walking around a zoo wearing the scent with all the animals up at the edge of their enclosures! Or a person wearing their favourite perfume in a local park with a pack of dogs following along behind them.

I certainly won’t be spraying myself with any scent the next time I go out camping or anywhere in the countryside where there might be wild animals!

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