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Bean and gone: the Heinz advert axed for promoting ‘unsafe’ #CanSong

Renowned tinned-produce brand Heinz has announced the axing of its most recent television advert, due to audience health and safety complaints.

Playing on the worldwide popularity of the movie Pitch Perfect, Heinz thought up their own creative take on ‘the cup song’ with a new trend for people to get perfecting – ‘the #CanSong’ – complete with a YouTube tutorial to refer to.

However, the advert, which featured ordinary folk in their homes, fishermen on their boats and friends round a campfire all happily drumming away on Heinz’ infamous turquoise baked bean tins has today been branded unsafe by the Advertising Standards Authority.

Heinz have included a graphic at the beginning of the advert, warning that it may be wise to cover the ends of a tin can with tape before attempting the #CanSong. Granted, the cup song may have been slightly less of a hazard, but nevertheless Heinz have made the audience aware of the adequate safety precautions to take.

The advert caught my eye solely because of its sentiment which mimics that of a Christmas advert, compelling your heart to be warmed by the power of clever advertising. If an advert can make you feel joy, it’s an advert done well in my opinion.

I can understand the necessity of a safety warning, especially for a younger audience, but I do feel that discontinuing a frankly quite lovely advert for the sake of nine health and safety complaints is maybe a little far-fetched, not to mention the costs and efforts that have gone into producing the advert in the first place that have seemingly been disregarded.

I, myself, am a victim of a tin can opening-related incident (olives – not sure on the brand), and although 10-year old me was a little upset at the time, a plaster and a ‘get on with it’ from my mum was enough to shake it off.

Is this a health and safety measure taken a little too far for the sake of a well thought-up, fun and generally brilliant idea which trumps the monotony of the majority of television adverts we see today?


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