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Berry packs a punch

Good on you Mary Berry! It’s hard not to be a fan of the nation’s favourite TV baker – especially when you saw her winning a National Television Award.

Mary scooped the award for the best TV judge and reacted with a fantastic ‘come-on’ fist pump!

She went on to give her acceptance speech: “I love judging, it has always been a great honour.

“I think I know how to bake and I love telling people that, next time, do a little bit better. But the greatest reward is that all the young are baking!

“Everybody is sitting down at 8pm, the whole family: gran, the baby in arms. There is no swearing, it’s the best programme, and I’m so grateful, and thank you very much!”

Who could be a greater role model on our screens than Mary, looking fantastic at 81 and providing us with great positivity and glamour.

Her amazing appearance also reminds us that while we should all be aware of eating healthy foods, it doesn’t do us any harm to indulge in a bit of sugar or pastry every now and then – it certainly doesn’t look as if it has done Mary Berry any harm over the years.

Don’t worry Mary fans, despite her leaving The Great British Bake Off, she will be back on our screens soon with a new BBC series Mary Berry Everyday, in which she proves that you don’t need an exotic larder to create delicious dishes every night of the week.

My mouth is watering already!


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