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Big boutiques are watching you

Never mind big brother, it could soon be the High Street shops that are watching you.

A company in America (of course!) is offering technology that would allow shops to know your name as you walk through their doors.

Using facial recognition software, Californian company FaceFirst has designed a camera system that can identify customers as they enter a store.

Faces in the system’s database could come from Facebook, customers who have registered online with the retailer or previous customers who have agreed to have their photograph taken – perhaps for a discount incentive.

The shop staff would then be able to give customers personal treatment and attention normally reserved for the rich and famous!

The BBC has reported on the development this week and quoted FaceFirst’s chief executive. Joel Rosenkrantz saying: “Someone could approach you and give you a cappuccino when you arrive, and then show you the things they think you will be interested in buying.”

I, for one, would be happy to be photographed if it meant getting a free cappuccino handed to me every time I walked into a shop!

You’d have to be sure the shop wasn’t going to announce your arrival too loudly though! Imagine the scene: you’ve taken a sneaky sick day off work to do a bit of Christmas shopping, you are walking around in “disguise” with your woolly hat pulled down over your hair, when the next thing your name is called out along with a welcome message over the shop’s tannoy system just as your boss walks past on his lunch break!

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