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Bin, charity shop or loft?

Just when I thought it was safe to have a good clear out, a story appears in the news about a Dinky toy collection that has sold for £150k at an auction!

It’s this kind of story that convinces me to keep hoarding all my clutter ‘just in case it might be worth something one day’!

We all do it, don’t we! Stick that old china teapot of granny’s in the back of a cupboard or that old dolls’ house up in the loft – on the off chance that it might be worth a fortune in the future.

The rafters in my attic must be buckling under the strain of all the things I have managed to stuff up there over the years – all of it now blessed with that musty attic smell.

The collection of Dinky cars had been a lifelong hobby for John Kinchen, from Portsmouth. When he died last year, they were passed on to his cousins, who sold them at an auction in Devon.

Auctioneer Piers Motley told the BBC that the collection had been “well known amongst the Dinky world for decades”.

Records are another collection that hoarders have been justified in holding on to. These bulky versions of storing music (compared to today’s versions) are making a big comeback and dusty boxes are being brought down from attics up and down the country again.

I try so hard to move towards a more minimalist and tidy lifestyle, but I’m finding it impossible to know what to keep and what to get rid of. Now, where did I put that collection of moth-eaten beer mats?


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