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Black off! Time to turn away from the tills

Shopping really is a national pastime these days. There isn’t a minute of the day when you can’t engage in a little retail therapy, whether that’s online or traipsing around a department store.  And millions of us are happy to splash the cash,…

…searching for the feel-good rush that accompanies the arrival of a new sofa, a pair of shoes or the latest electronic gizmo.

Black Friday is now firmly established in the calendar as a day to snaffle a bargain, whether by punching a fellow shopper to grab a TV or going online for more civilised purchases.

The result is the same: you end up poorer, with a home full of stuff you don’t really need.

The retailers were crafty this year, extending Black Friday to Cyber Monday (also transported from the U.S.) with the shopping extravaganza eventually lasting a whole week!

In 2015 there is no need to go “old school” and camp out in the freezing cold overnight to bag a dream buy. Simply set your alarm and shop from the comfort of your bed.

It really is so easy to waste your money these days. With a couple of clicks your cashmere coat is in the post – and you’re skint, eating beans on toast for the rest of the month.

Can’t wait for your new frock? No problem. Some retailers now guarantee collection on the day you order.

We’ve got another month of buy, buy, buy in the run-up to Christmas followed by the January sales.

But there is light at the end of the shopping mall. Retailers are divided over whether Black Friday is a good thing with over a quarter opting out this year, including big names like Next and Jigsaw. Lots who did take part reported only a trickle of shoppers with footfall down on 2014.

Let’s hope this unsavoury phenomenon has passed its sell-by-date.


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