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Bodyguard helps break down boundaries – SPOILERS

BBC’s Bodyguard has taken the world by storm.
It has been a fantastic series and it is great to see the BBC producing top quality drama.
It is always great watching BBC dramas purely because there are no adverts in them! But the Americans have done drama a lot better than the UK over the years, so it is refreshing to see us producing something of this quality.
But there are some underlying messages about mental health that are really important to remember from this programme.
You can’t run away from any problems or issues you have and that is perfectly encapsulated in Bodyguard.
When you see Richard Madden’s character breaking down in a counselling session, that is such a fantastic way to end this character’s journey in this show.
A lot of the time, the main lead in a drama is seen as a character that can literally do anything and feel no consequences emotionally about what they go through. They always make the right decisions and there is no human error.
Bodyguard has changed this quite a lot and it was refreshing to see a drama that tackles some very important issues.
I also think it is a disgrace how ex-military service people are treated. People who have fought for our country deserve respect and the financial means to be able to re-adjust to civilian life. Soldiers are not responsible for the reasons why we are in countries like Afghanistan and Iraq – the politicians are to blame for that.
You can understand the motives for some of the ex-military people to want to take out the politicians responsible.
A life lesson I have always believed in was further reiterated during Bodyguard as well – don’t underestimate people. Anybody can be capable of anything if they put their mind to it.

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