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Bond gets a modern makeover

Big news: James Bond has become a modern man!

He’s not quite a stay-at-home dad looking after the kids and house while his wife goes to work, but in the latest novel, he has become a little bit more PC!

In his new Bond novel Trigger Mortis, author Anthony Horowitz has revealed a 007 much more in keeping with today’s society.

Modern James has moved in with his girlfriend Pussy Galore and now enjoys a life of domestic squabbling when he’s not out fighting the baddies and drinking Martini.

Smoking is no longer considered cool, but a health hazard in the new Bond world and the secret agent also has a gay friend to keep him in line. Women no longer fall helplessly at his feet and his slightly patronising ways are not always tolerated.

Horowitz said: “The book is true to the character and keeps him as fans would want him, which is as the original hard-bitten guy,” he said. “But then it always challenges and nudges and says ‘well wait a minute’.

“If you read Trigger Mortis, you’ll see actually there is a little twist to the tale in that particular story which I think sort of pays him off for his slightly patronising attitude.”

Even die hard Bond fans will probably agree the character did need slightly updating to move with the times.

Much as he is a well-loved national institution, the swaggering secret agent could not really get away with his chauvinistic ways any more.


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