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Cat snaps are where it’s at

Dogs may be known as man’s best friend, but us Brits are officially cat crazy.

Research carried out by phone network Three has thrown up some furry surprising results: in the UK, we share four times as many pictures of cats every day as we do selfies.

This works out at 3.8 million feline photos being sent per day, compared to just 1.4 million selfies.

Around 40% of these purrfect pet pictures are being sent by smartphone. On top of that, more than 350,000 cats have their own Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account.

When asked why they had set up pages for their pets, 5% of people said it was because they felt their felines were more interesting than themselves! Many pet owners also said they wanted their cats to become famous.

Three was so intrigued by these figures, it decided to dig more deeply into what makes cats so popular amongst the British public.

It found one of the most popular cats online was Nyan Cat, a pixelated pet that has been getting around 35 million views a year since being uploaded to YouTube in 2011.

Other popular pussies have included a cat playing a keyboard and a kitten being tickled.

If you’re one of those people who don’t like cats, you might be finding this all a bit perplexing.

But, take the advice, if you want to go viral and grab your five minutes of fame on the internet, cats are where it’s at.


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