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Change the tune or change your campaign?

The Green Party released an election broadcast this week entitled ‘Change the tune’ which showcased…

…David Cameron, Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage as a stereotypical, cheesy boyband; complete with dubious harmonies and dodgy dance moves.

Response to the video has been mixed; whilst some believe this is a modern take on political campaigning, alongside helping to appeal to the younger generation, others think this merely shows how the Green Party cannot be taken seriously. Furthermore some argue that rather than criticising other parties, the Greens should focus on promoting their own policies.

Although it wasn’t actually the four political leaders but rather four very questionable look-a-likes, the Green Party’s point was clear that our current political system rests upon parties who offer no alternatives and no potential for change; matters including privatisation, tax, immigration and the supposed popularity of austerity through all parties were touched upon. But were these important considerations masked by the neon lights and ‘Cameron’s’ attempt to re-create some Gary Barlow-esque piano magic? Either way there is no denying that this viral video has drawn attention to the Green Party. The video now features 676, 644 views on YouTube whereas a recent Labour election broadcast, featuring Martin Freeman, only gained 262, 517 views; again the Conservatives faced a much lower viewership with 132, 463 people clicking play on their latest campaign video.

Of course, the election is won through votes rather than views, however this shows how political campaigning has changed. Whether individuals agree this is for the better or for the worse is dependent, but with social media now a factor in all areas of life it seems only smart for politicians to make use of this platform. The hashtag #changethetune may promote both positive and negative responses but at least it gets people talking.


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